Our EFT Cheats goal is to enhance abilities and get ahead of the opponents and they can be utilized either during online matches to defeat rival players or offline mode to practice your skills in achieving objectives faster and more effectively.

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eft cheats

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As EFT is an intense FPS game, first and foremost the aimbot is something powerful that all of our EFT hacks have. An aiming-robot, or aimbot for short, is a system that will take over the aiming of your mouse. You point at a certain player and the aimbot will put the aim exactly on the other player for example his head. Often the aimbots are equipped with options to customise it, smoothing is to make the movement of the mouse to the target smoother. FOV (Field of View) is to make sure you don’t aim at people outside your field of view, but only the ones that you’re roughly aiming at already.

All of them are also equipped with an ESP (ExtraSensory Perception) which allows you to see all other players, items and other useful things in the world even through any obstacles. This principle is also often referred to as a wallhack.

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Escape from Tarkov ESP

Escape from tarkov ESP is another important feature to include in your list to survive in this excitingly dangerous game. The Escape from tarkov ESP shows you the enemy location at all times. We display boxes on our eft Cheats around each player. You can track every player with the box and the name displayed beside them. The Escape from tarkov ESP cheat can easily help a player to take down whole teams single-handedly as well as enhance battle techniques such as weapon choice depending on the details of the opponent. It is also one of the least-detectable hacks available hence players often get away with using it with no consequences from Ubisofts anti-cheat team. EFT ESP is another important feature to include in your list to survive in this excitingly dangerous game. Overall, we all know, EFT is full of the dynamic and realistic landscape of buildings. The area of the city is going through the ugliness of the war. So, there are numerous wreck buildings and other houses left by the civil. Now, it is your target to find the safe hideout with your resources which you loot. To stay safe, you have to check either the building is not occupied with other enemies. And once, you acquire the safe hideout, it is your responsibility to keep the enemies out from your building. Otherwise, you have to lose your home which you put the great hard work for.

So, EFT ESP feature helps you with:

  • Keep safe items,
  • Skeleton Tarkov ESP,
  • Box ESP,
  • Detect the enemies in some particular building without the need to entering it first.
  • Trace location of the supplies,
  • Have a diverse feature of customization. This feature helps you to get your needed resources that distinguish different items.
  • ESP radar for maps,
  • Traces the movement of the enemies to keep yourself and your hideout safe by using Escape from Tarkov Hacks.

Escape from Tarkov Aimbot

Our Eft Aimbot is included in most of our eft hacks, both internal and external. The Aimbot we offer in most of our hacks is very precise and even has bullet drop calculations. Aimbots are a classic cheat in any shooter game and they’re probably the deadliest of the lot. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that they’re the most sought-after cheats by the PUBG development team.EFT aimbot is one of the best feature in Escape from Tarkov Hacks since you can shoot your target precisely while saving yourself perfectly. You know very well that targeting the shooter is not an easy feat with all of the lightening effects involve. Don’t forget the robots you’ve to target along with human enemies. So, reaching your hideouts safe and survival becomes necessary but a big feat.

  • Visualize each target clearly, so that you can target wherever you want to shoot them.
  • Ensure your bullet reach to your target without going to waste.
  • Shoot the target even their moving position and detect their traces without a problem.
  • Stay safe and hidden while shooting enemy and hide from using Escape from Tarkov Cheats from other users.

  • Supported OS: WIN10 (All versions up to 20H2)
  • Supports Fullscreen : Yes
  • Stream Proof : Yes
  • Supported CPU : Intel & AMD
  • Save & Load Settings : Yes

Player ESP

  • Enable/Disable (F7)
  • Draw Bonse
  • Draw Info Label
  • Draw Weapon
  • Show Admin
  • Vischeck
  • Draw Box
  • Draw Line
  • Draw KD
  • Max Draw Distance

Loot ESP

  • Enable Valuables (F3)
  • Enable (F2)
  • Quest (ALT+1)
  • Prapor
  • Therapist
  • Skier
  • Peacekeeper
  • Mechanic
  • Ragman
  • Jaeger
  • Food (ALT+2)
  • Medical (ALT+3)
  • Keys (ALT+4)
  • Kapa (ALT+5)
  • Backpack (ALT+6)
  • Corpses
  • Loot Containers
  • Max Draw Distance
  • Min Draw Price


  • Enable
  • Bind Key
  • Max Distance
  • Only Visible
  • Hitscan
  • Targeting (Head | Neck | Chest | Stomach | Closest)
  • Closest to (Crosshair | Player)
  • Use Prediction
  • Rage
  • Draw Hitbox
  • Draw Pred Pos
  • Draw FOV
  • FOV
  • Aim Min Speed
  • Aim Max Speed
  • Aim Accel
  • Hitbox Factor


  • Exfil ESP
  • Anti-breathe
  • Anti-recoil
  • Anti-sway
  • Grenade ESP
  • Watermark
  • Mark Ally
  • Toggle Thermal
  • Toggle Night Vision
  • Toggle Visor
  • Fight Mode (Disable all except player ESP)

Rage (Use at own risk)

  • Infinite Stamina
  • Infinite Oxygen
  • Infinite Carry Weight
Are the EFT hacks safe to use?

Yes! All of the Escape from Tarkov hacks that we provide are safe! Whenever the status says WORKING you can feel assured you will not be detected by any anti-cheat system!

Where can I download EFT cheats?

You can always find ALL the instructions on the downloads page as well as all the instructions that go with it. You do however, need to purchase a license key before you can download the actual file.

Do the Escape from Tarkov hacks have wallhack or ESP?

All our EFT hacks have wallhack, or ESP included by default. Not only that, the ESP can be customized, so you can choose what you see, and colors and much more from players, to NPCs to items!

How does the aimbot work in the EFT hack?

The aimbot in each hack is there to assist your aiming to make sure it hits the target even when you aim next to the target. By aiming at the right target, if you press the aimkey (usually the right mouse button) you will see the aim snap directly on target and then you can just shoot and you will be assured of a hit!

Can I get banned using EFT cheats?

At Marscheaters.com, we assure you won’t. No anti-cheat system can touch our Escape from Tarkov cheats. But be ware, if you make yourself suspicious, such as too many kills, you can still get a manual ban.

Are the hacks HWID locked?

Yes, this means that your key can only be used on 1 PC. Please be sure not to do any large updates or change any hardware until your key runs out or do this before you activate any keys!

Do I need a HWID spoofer?

HWID stands for Hardware ID. Several anti-cheat systems will ban not only your account, but also your HWID. To avoid getting detected, a HWID spoofer will generate a random HWID so you will not be detected. This is not included and must be purchased separately if you want to use this!

What payment methods are supported?

You can pay for any EFT hack using Card, Paypal, Bitcoin and several other local payments! You can choose your preferred option in the checkout page when you place an order.

Can I get support for EFT cheats?

Yes you can. Marscheaters.com offers support and assures safe use of all our cheats. We value customer satisfaction above all else! Unfortunately many so fake hack providers out there will cheat you or provide you garbage. We are proud we remain the most reliable in the industry.

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